Cryptocurrency Resources & Tools

Here is a comprehensive list of my favourite investment resources and tools that I personally use for cryptocurrency and stock investing.

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Coinbase / Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is probably one of the most well known, reputable and respected worldwide platforms for purchasing cryptocurrency. When you create your standard Coinbase account, you also have the option to access their professional version known as Coinbase Pro.

You would need to create a account first but then you can access Coinbase Pro using your exact same login details that you set up when creating your standard Coinbase account. Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, although linked, run completely separately as a separate online platform.

Fees for buying, selling and transferring crypto are much lower on Coinbase Pro. You are also able to set buy and sell limit orders on Coinbase Pro and overall it is my preferred crypto platform.

Coinbase can be access via and Coinbase Pro can be access via Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are available to use directly from your computers browser or alternatively you can download and use their respective mobile apps.

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Nexo – Earn Interest On Crypto, Stablecoins & Fiat Currency

Nexo is the world’s largest and most trusted lending institution in the digital finance industry.

Nexo has over 2 million users, 40+ fiat currencies available, accessible in 200+ jurisdictions. They have also already paid out over $50 million in interest to their members!

With Nexo you can grow your portfolio exponentially while keeping your cryptocurrency safe. You can beat volatility and earn interest without the risk. It is a very simple but clever concept.

While buying cryptocurrency and HODLing it until prices go up is generally a good option for generating a profit, it can require time.

With Nexo, you can put your idle assets to work immediately and have a predictable source of passive income without the risk.

To start earning compound interest paid out daily, just open your account here, top up with at least $100 and start earning up to 12% annual interest immediately – no further action is needed.

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