Stocks & Shares Resources & Tools

Here is a comprehensive list of my favourite stocks and shares resources and tools that I personally use for investing in stocks and shares.

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In my opinion, when choosing an online stock brokerage account, it is important to consider the ease of use, reputation, reliability, fees and financial protection cover or insurance. Choosing a broker who is authorised and regulated by the FCA is essential for your own protection and peace of mind.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, based on my experience and opinion, here are my personal favourite brokers.

UK & European Brokers


Trading212 is a fantastic and easy to use platform. Overall it is probably the most popular platform in the UK. It is super easy to use and has a fabulous mobile app as well. If purchasing US stocks on a regular basis, the ultra no to low fee structure can make a huge difference to your profit and return on investment.

Many UK brokers charge £8-£12 per transaction for buying and selling individual stocks! Not Trading212! The exchange rate is also ultra competitive at the time of purchase, so you always feel like you are getting the best possible price when purchasing US stocks from the UK or Europe.

Sign up to Trading212 here using my referral link and we will both receive a randomly allocated FREE share worth up to £100.


Freetrade is another stock broker platform that is very similar to Trading212. At the time of writing, due to unprecedented demand, you might have to sign up to a waiting list for Trading212. In the meantime, Freetrade is my next most preferred platform for the UK and Europe.

Sign up here and deposit at least £1 and we will both receive a randomly allocated share up to the value of £200.

Stocks & Shares Research Resources & Tools

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a fantastic resource for gauging market sentiment. You can search for any stock and view simple up to date snapshots of information. You can also read short news headlines about any stock. Seeking Alpha allows you to quickly identify whether the market sentiment is bearish, neutral, bullish or very bullish.

Stock Card

I find Stock Card to be a fabulous resource when conducting market research on a stock. Their platform is super easy to use and the interface is logically laid out and intuitive to use. I have my portfolio on Stock Card which you can view once you sign up here.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a very useful and reliable resource to use when you are conducting your fundamental analysis on an asset. After searching, you are able to quickly identify important financial information about an asset. Information such as market cap, beta and important news headlines are readily available.


TradingView is the best and most widely use charting platform worldwide. When you know how to use the tools within this platform, it will unlock a whole world of investment opportunity for you!

You will be able to identify chart patterns and understand at what price to buy your chosen assets with the help of Fibonacci retracement levels and the Ichimoku indicators.